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Meet our Owner, Jim

Meet our Owner, Jim


Fresh Fish in Charlotte

When it comes to bringing Charlotte fresh local Carolina ocean fish,seafood and the best Wagyu Kobe Beef, the Carolina Fish Market has you covered. Our local Coastal Carolina fishing boats are carefully chosen by our fishmongers. We choose captains that know these Carolina waters and where and how to best wild catch some of the most sought after seafood and fish. Fish like Grouper, Red Snapper, the famous Stump Sound salty Blue Point type of Oysters, all kinds of fresh and local shrimp, Yellow Fin Tuna, Flounder, Mahi Mahi, Little Neck Clams and our famous Topsail Blue Blue Crabs sold either live or in lump varieties.

The Carolina Fish Market in Ballantyne and Southpark will be your only stop for fresh, local and wild caught seafood from the Carolina’s and nearby states and Wagyu Kobe beef. When certain fish seasons are gone in the Carolina’s, we research boats from all over from the coasts of Georgia, Florida, Alabama to Texas in the Gulf of Mexico to secure you the best out of season varieties you love almost anytime of the year for your enjoyment right at your table in Charlotte, NC. You’ll even see some fun products like oysters from Rhode Island, Connecticut and unique items like salmon from the Faroe Islands between the coasts of Iceland and Norway.

Healthy and Good Cooking: Lastly, we’re going to help you not only learn about the wonderful seafood we catch right here from the Coast of Carolina, but also how to best cook these delicacies.  We’ll help you create recipes for you, along with video instructions on how to make the easy grilled Oysters, to the easy steamed peel and eat shrimp your kids will eat or even a healthy baked Grouper and more. There are so many ways to enjoy these fish either baked, grilled, pan fried, sauteed, steamed, tartar, blackened and many more.

Healthy Options: What’s important to remember is that our fresh local seafood has 1 ingredient and that is the fish or seafood itself.  Never any GMO’s, never any antibiotics,  No color added in our fish, minimal farm raised. At the Carolina Fish Market we practice plain old Carolina boat to Carolina table, the way God intended it to be.