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Fresh Fish in Charlotte? Who Knew?


Before we moved to Charlotte, my wife and I would talk about how excited we were to be so close to the East Coast and be so much closer to fresh seafood. So when we got here we were a little confused as to how we can be so close to the Atlantic Ocean and yet only have grocery stores for our seafood outlet. I don’t care if you’re H.T., Publix or Whole Foods or even Fresh Market. They don’t do fresh fish or at least very well. Why is that? Fresh seafood is too hard to manage in large quantities for a grocery chain. Their spoilage factor is enormous. Imagine buying 200 pounds of fresh fish and you only sell 100 pounds within it’s freshness timeframe of only a few days. At the Carolina Fish Market we understand the grocery store dilemma. So in comes the Carolina Fish Market. We bring in East Coast wild caught fresh fish in small quantities every single day except Sunday. We may run out of something but it’s coming back tomorrow morning, fresh and brand new.

Maybe this has helped you understand that when it comes to bringing Charlotte, NC fresh local Carolina ocean fish, seafood and the best Wagyu Kobe Beef around, the Carolina Fish Market is your only source. Who we buy from is important. So our local Coastal Carolina fishing boats are carefully chosen by our Chief Fishmonger. We choose only local boat captains that know these Carolina waters and where and how to best wild catch some of the most sought after seafood and fish. Fish like Grouper, Red Snapper, Golden Tile fish, Trigger fish, the famous Topsail Island, Stump Sound salty oysters. All kinds of fresh and local Charleston shrimp, Bigeye Tuna, NC Flounder, NC Mahi Mahi, Georgia Little Neck Clams and our famous Wilmington, NC Blue Blue Crabs sold either live or in lump varieties.

Sustainability – Grocery stores have pages and pages of why they are the best purveyor of  sustainable fish. What does this really mean to you? That they are getting you a majority of farmed fish. Farmed fish gets the grocery store a consistent supply of fish at a lower price point than wild caught fish. Now we aren’t against farmed fish, we have some from time to time. But only from the best of the best. The Carolina Fish Market blends a majority of wild caught fish from the Carolina coast with a small amount of the best of the best in farmed seafood along with wild caught fish from across the globe. We believe that this blend makes for a quality selection of fresh fish that no other grocery store, “organic store” or any other fish market in Charlotte can come close to.

Healthy and Good Cooking: Lastly, we’re going to help you not only learn about the wonderful seafood caught right here from the Coast of Carolina, but also how to best cook these delicacies.  Our chefs will help you create recipes for you, along with video instructions on how to make the easy grilled Oysters, to the easy steamed peel and eat shrimp your kids will eat or even a healthy baked Grouper, Halibut, Trigger fish and more. There are so many ways to enjoy these fish either baked, grilled, pan fried, sauteed, steamed, tartar, blackened and many more.


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