If there’s a list you want to be on, it’s this one. You, and only people subscribed to this monthly subscription will be privy to amazing deals on foods, seafood, meats and wine. We’re not talking about some 10% off, real savings. Many times we have vendors that come to us with amazing deals for whatever the reason, usually someone cancelled an order, to overstock wines, etc. For just $10 per month, we will offer these deals to YOU first and only. The savings you will receive will be substantially more than the $10 list. This is not a public list, it’s secret and only paid subscribers may see what is on it.

Easy to sign up, select the “Subscribe” button, and let Paypal do the rest.. We will email you deals, so please make sure that we are not going to your spam.

Carolina Meat & Fish Co

Platinum VIP Super Savings List



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