The Best Thing I Ever Ate in Charlotte©

From the CMF Productions comes our newest series on food and it involves Charlotte restaurants, you and Charlotte’s very own famous celebrity Chef, Charlotte Fashion Plate, pictured below. 

Charlotte Fashion Plate

Here’s the concept; you tell us “The Best Thing You Ever Ate in Charlotte© from one of your favorite restaurants, and our crack team of researchers at the Carolina Meat & Fish Co will search it out and test the dish thoroughly. Then we’ll bring us all together, LIVE on our Facebook and YouTube Channels to show you step by step how to prepare and cook, “The Best Thing I Ever Ate in Charlotte©”. 

The Best Thing I Ever Ate in Charlotte

This is going to start out as an exclusive event with Facebook’s A Little Taste of Southern Chic fans, as you are the foodies of Charlotte, NC. Let’s have fun finding out what you think are the best dishes in town, then let’s make it together on the air, so others can make it at home too and enjoy “The best Thing I Ever Ate in Charlotte”.

A Little Taste of Southern Chic





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