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Who has the best oysters in Charlotte, NC? Well that depends on what your criteria is. We are not a restaurant, we are a fresh fish market and the #1 seller of Oysters in the Charlotte region. The Carolina Meat & Fish Co prides itself on having a wide variety of Carolina oysters when in season like the Stump Sound or Topsail Sound Oysters, maybe a Lockwood Folly, a Charleston Salt, a James River oyster from the Chesapeake Bay. We go far and wide to get other oysters like Louisiana Gulf Oysters or up to Massachusetts for some Wellfleets or New York for the ever popular Blue Point. We also have a bunch in from time to time from Canada and the West Coast to New Zealand.

Most of our oysters range in the $1 each price but bushels (usually 100 count) are discounted even more than that. Here’s a list of our current and available oysters to order and enjoy in your Charlotte home tonight and either our Ballantyne or Ballantyne location.

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  • MARYLANDEAST COAST                                    
  • CHUNU OYSTER                                
  • BARCATS                                     
  • RAPPAHANNOCK              
  • STINGRAY                                          
  • OLDE SALT          
  • DUXBURY BAY                    
  • WICOMICO RIVER                 
  • SWEET JESUS                                  
  • SEWANSECOTT            
  • BLUE POINTS        
  • WIANNO                                            
  • WILD TISBURY                                 
  • BROADWATER                     
  • LITTLE BITCHES                               
  • HOLLYWOOD                                   
  • WELLFLEET                                       
  •  NAVY BEACH                                     
  • GRAND PEARLS             
  • BEAUSOLEIL                                      
  • JAMES RIVER           
  • KATAMA BAY                                    
  • MALPEQUE                                       
  • TAVERN ISLAND                   
  • WILD SEASIDEBODIE ISLAND                       
  • WEST FALMOUTH               
  • KUMAMOTO                 
  • EVENING COVETOTEM POINT                           
  • STELLAR BAY                  
  • STEAMBOAT                         
  • KUSHI                                
  • NAKED ROY                     
  • FANNY BAY                         
  • KUKUMAMOTO                    
  • HOOTENANNY                            

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So the answer to the question, who has the best oysters in Charlotte, NC? The Carolina Meat & Fish Cos of course, because no human being should have to buy oysters from a grocery store. But don’t take our word for it, ask Yelp, Google or any other rated site, we’re #1 for a reason, because you made us #1. Thank you !


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