Buying Locally Caught Seafood


It’s a known fact that fish and chips at the seashore taste better than anywhere else in the world. But why? It’s because you’re at the seashore! And that means local fish is easily available, often caught that morning by a fisherman who docks his boat nearby. The results are fresh, possibly more sustainable seafood—and it tastes amazing. Even if you don’t live near the coast like we do in Charlotte, North Carolina, there are still ways to enjoy locally caught fish from fishermen who take pride in what they do. Here’s how:

Find a Local Seafood Provider

  • Look for a local fishmonger like the Carolina Meat & Fish Co in Charlotte, NC.
  • Find a fishmonger that has a good reputation.
  • Look for a fishmonger that has a good selection of seafood.
  • Find an establishment with sustainable seafood offerings and fair labor practices (if you are in the United States).

Ask Questions About the Catch

When you’re buying seafood, it’s important to know where the fish comes from and how it was caught. It’s also good to ask the fishmonger or restaurant owner if they have any concerns about the quality of their product. You should also ask if they have any concerns about the source of their seafood.

“What kind of fishing gear was used?”

“Did they use nets?”

Or: “Was this caught by trawling?” (Trawling is when boats drag huge nets across areas of sea floor.)

Buy Less Fish, but Better Fish

  • Buy less fish.
  • Buy better fish.

When you buy less, you can spend more on high-quality seafood and support local businesses that are committed to sustainability, which brings us to our next point:

Buying seafood from a local fishmonger may be more expensive, but it’s well worth it for the flavor and knowing the source.

Buying seafood from a local fishmonger may be more expensive, but it’s well worth it for the flavor and knowing the source.

It’s important to know where your food is coming from. If you’re buying from a local fishmonger, you can ask questions about how the fish were caught and if they are sustainable or wild caught. It’s also likely that these fishermen are committed to sustainability because they want their business to thrive for years to come. If you choose not to buy locally caught seafood, then you’ll have no way of knowing whether or not your food came from an environmentally responsible fisherman or was caught in an environmentally destructive way by someone who doesn’t care about what happens after he sells his catch at market price (or even below).


At the end of the day, buying seafood from local fishermen is about getting fresh fish that tastes great—a truly gourmet experience from a company like the Carolina Meat & Fish Co. It also means knowing where your food comes from and supporting the livelihood of fishermen in your community. So next time you’re looking for a delicious meal, head to a farmers’ market or local provider and get yourself some amazing seafood!

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