How to Choose the Best Steak


How to Choose the Best Steak by the Carolina Meat & Fish Co, with a little help from our friends at the BBC. Our friends at Meats by Linz and Brasstown Beef.


Wet aging; Wet aging beef is primarily done by high end meat purveyors that want to produce the highest quality product possible. The beef found in a typical meat market or super market will not have the same amount of age as product from Meats by Linz.  We take our aging processes very seriously to ensure that by the time it reaches your plate, it’s as tender, juicy, and flavorful as possible. Our customers demand a product that has a “wow” factor that’s second to none. Optimal flavor and tenderness is achieved through our aging processes. At Meats by Linz, their beef products are sourced from only the best processors.  Whether it’s their very own LHA cattle or a specific breed our customers request, they make sure the source meets our standards.  They pride themselves on quality and part of that is proper aging.  While most producers use wet aging as a faster alternative to dry aging, we prefer to hold the meat in wet aging for an average of 28-35 days – similar to dry aging time – to assure an excellent flavor and tenderness.

Come to the Carolina Meat & Fish Co in Ballantyne for the finest steaks in Charlotte, wet aged to perfection…

How to Choose Your Steak

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