During these difficult times we are managing our way through just like you are. We are running out of things, just like the major grocery stores are. What we are doing is taking care of those who may not be able to, or have run out of things. Many times we give these things away, or sell at a deep discount or cost. Having said that, our prices have not gone up, we are trying to maintain prices even though demand out paces it. Because we believe we are in this together. We have brought in products that we do not normally sell like toilet paper and paper towels. We have done this because we have established relationships with vendors and we want to help people have access to these needed products. We have given some to charities, we have given some to our other vendors or friends or customers who cannot otherwise get. In our small way, we believe we are in this together and it’s the right thing to do.

We are saddened that people are attacking us for selling products we do not normally sell. People like Juan Pablo Veloz from Fit You Meals in Ballantyne have gone out of their way on social media to attack us for selling $1.79 toilet paper or for not giving all our products away for free. We are hoping that if we go into a state wide lock down, that we will still be able to provide these goods to people in need.

Use are using social media to inform and help others about products they need. We hope that others are doing the same, because we believe we are in this together.


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