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Carolina Meat & Fish Co in South Charlotte, Ballantyne.

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**Seafood prices below are for a 5.25 ounce cut piece. See the by the pound prices at the counter. Prices are subject to change at anytime, see store for actual price that day. 

Fish sells out sometimes, please call ahead to ensure we have what’s listed. 704-458-1011

Some Prices reflect a 5.25 oz piece portion, price per pound is higher.

  • Chilean Seabass Chunks – $17.99 Lb !!!
  • Mahi Mahi – Fresh! $13.99 LB
  • Fresh Trigger Fish | NC
  • Ora King Salmon | New Zealand
  • Fresh and Wild Halibut | Alaska Caught Wicked Fresh  $8.85  
  • Fresh and Wild Yellowfin Tuna | SUSHI GRADE # 1 Grade   (AMAZING RED and FATTY) $8.52
  • Fresh and Wild Caught Swordfish | Carolina (cut from jumbo fish) $6.23
  • Fresh and Wild Cod | Gulf of Maine  $4.59
  • Fresh NC Mountain Trout | Free Range | North Carolina $4.59
  • Fresh and Wild Caught Black or Red Grouper | North Carolina or Gulf $7.87 
  • Fresh Jumbo Ora King or Faroe Island Salmon | Free Range New Zealand | Faroe Islands  (Sushi Grade) $6.55
  • Chinook Salmon  – Alaska (previously frozen) $7.21 
  • Wild Chilean Seabass* | Southern Ocean – Antarctica $10.49
  • Fresh and Red Snapper – North Carolina $6.55
  • Whole Octopus | East Coast (order only)
  • Fresh NC Clams
  • PEI Mussels 
  • Fresh and Wild Caught Flounder | NC
  • Fresh NC Shrimp
  • Crab Cakes – Fresh Made!

Sushi Grade Fish Charlotte NC

  • Sushi Grade Items in Ballantyne 
  • Fresh and Yellowfin Tuna | Wild Caught | Carolinas | East Coast or Hawaii (Sushi Grade) 
  • Scottish Salmon | Free Range | Faroe Islands (Sushi Grade)
  • Fresh and Jumbo Sea Scallops | New Bedford, Mass U12, are caught within 2 miles of Jonesport, Maine by Harold Beal on the F/V Misty Shore.

Caviar Availability (order only 704-458-1011) 1 day turn-around

Caviar charlotte nc


  • Squid Ink
  • Red Lumpfish (3.5oz)
  • Black Lumpfish (3-5oz)
  • Salmon Roe (1oz)
  • Paddlefish (1 oz)
  • Hackleback (1 oz)
  • Smoked Trout (2 oz)
  • Trout (2 oz)
  • Italian Osetra
  • Cajun
  • Spicy Cajun Caviar
  • Beluga
  • Black Siberian Sturgeon
  • Caviar Spoons
  • Golden Whitefish Caviar


Live Maine (South Portland, ME) Lobster – $14.99 per lb, 2 lbs or over Market Price.

  • Live Maine Lobster | South Portland, Maine | Wild Caught – IN STOCK $14.99 lb up to 1.5 lbs or less – Over 1.5 Lbs is a higher price
  • 8/10 Ounce Cold Water Maine Lobster Tails – $17.99 approximate price for each tail
  • 3-4 ounce Cold Water Maine Lobster Tails – $8.99 approximate price for each tail
  • Fresh Cooked Lobster Meat | South Portland, Maine | Wild Caught – CALL AHEAD $14.76 for 5.25 ounces

Blue Crab (We do not sell live blue crab)

  • Soft Shell Crabs | Wild Caught | Maryland (Frozen Product)
  • Fresh Blue Crab Meat (Jumbo Lump | Special or Backfin) | Elizabeth City, NC| Wild Caught – IN STOCK

Fresh Carolina Wild Caught Shrimp

  • Fresh Shrimp | Wild Caught | North Carolina – IN STOCK
  • Shrimp Peeled & Deveined – IN STOCK (Pamlico Sound when available)
  • Shrimp Steamed – IN STOCK
  • Shrimp Platters -Available, call in 704-458-1011

Conch Meat

  • Conch | Wild Caught | Bahamas (scungilli replacement)  $16.99 lb
  • Scungilli (in a can) – In Stock but call ahead 704-458-1011


Wild Caught Carolina Clams

  • Littleneck Clams |Sneads Ferry, NC | Wild Caught – IN STOCK 
  • Middleneck Clams | Wild Caught | Snead’s Ferry, NC – IN STOCK
  • Topneck Clam| Wild Caught | Snead’s Ferry, NC – Call to order 704-458-1011
  • Chopped Clams Available – Frozen
  • Clam Juice
  • Canned Baby Clams

Jumbo Scallops

King Crab

  • King Crab | Bering Sea | Wild Caught – IN STOCK $10.49 for 5.25 ounces

Alligator | Louisiana Foods – Frozen product – IN STOCK

  • Crawfish Tail Meat | Louisiana
  • Cooked Crawfish – call ahead 704-458-1011
  • Comeauxs Boudin | Cajun Pork or Cajun Alligator & Pork


Oysters in Charlotte, NC

Our Oyster Bushels usually come in a box and are either a 100 count, 25 pound or 30 pound box.  We always have oysters in stock, call to see which ones or order ahead 1 – 2 days depending on the oyster. IN CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA A “BUSHEL” REFERS TO THE ABOVE 100 COUNT OR 25 POUND / 30 POUND BOXES. WE DO NOT SELL 60 POUND BAGS OF CLUSTER OYSTERS WHICH THEY CALL A BUSHEL ON THE COAST. 

Unless already in Stock, *Items ordered MONDAY will be delivered WEDNESDAY.     Please call before 11:00 a.m.

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Disclaimer: Pictures or descriptions may not match with the actual product. We do our best to match the species, where it is from, fresh or frozen, body of water, etc, however this information may or may not be accurate.

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