JANUARY 11,2021

Let it be known that the Carolina Meat & Fish Co and it’s owner, have been subject in the current and past to attacks, gang stalking and lies, including defamation and libel statements made by anonymous individual(s) seeking to work underhandedly, maliciously and with extreme hate to disparage the great reputation of the Carolina Meat & Fish Co. We know them to possibly be former employees/former coworkers who were terminated. Make no mistake, we are currently working with the Lancaster Sheriff’s Department in vigorously helping in investigating these said criminals perpetuating malicious lies and attacks upon the great reputation of the Carolina Meat & Fish Co on new cases. Other law enforcement agencies will be contacted as needed, but at this time it is under investigation by the Lancaster County Sheriff. We will, and have in the past pursued all legal avenues to end any illegal acts and civil wrongs. We have the truth, law enforcement and the means available to us to continue to pursue these anonymous attackers committing illegal acts and civil wrongdoings. These criminals are leaving and have left electronic footprints everywhere and subpoenas have and will be issued to pursue these with anonymous app services like What’s App, local online blogs, web services and more. Anyone with any information on this are urged to call the Deputy Sheriff in charge of this investigation, Investigator Paul Lyons of the Lancaster Sheriff Dept at plyons@lacoso.net at 803-283-3388.

Lastly, for what it’s worth. People are tired of your lies. They delete your texts from your ongoing chain of multiple fake phone numbers, after they are given to law enforcement because nothing of your content is remotely believable or just plain ridiculous. Your anonymous letters you send and drop by hand are copied and handwriting analysis is being done and have been handed to law enforcement. Your anonymous game of breaking South Carolina state laws is being watched, investigated and you will get caught. We asked you to stop and you refuse. The Sheriff has called you by the many What’s App numbers you created to legally inform you to stop and you continue. You write fictitious, malicious and illegal anonymous letters to everyone, including journalists. We have been, are and continue to be upstanding members of the community, you are not, and will be prosecuted for your crimes. Harassments in the 1st degree in South Carolina carries a three (3) year prison term. Even if you stop now, the investigation continues. Better yet, come out in the open.

If you have received and anonymous message, anonymous email, anonymous social media or anything else about the Carolina Meat & Fish Co and would like to view a copy of the court document where these person(s) admitted to sending things, please contact us and we will gladly you show you.

We urge the people doing this to come forward out in the light and stop lies, stop following me and present what you think you have so that we may investigate, litigate and bring all this to an end. You’re entitled to you own opinion, but not your own facts. Unless you’re Justin LaFrancois, then you just write whatever comes to your head without regard to actual facts and misleading stories with errors abound.

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