rare and unique delicacy, our very special ivory king salmon fillets are all natural and wonderful for gourmet entrees and special occasions. White king salmon are very similar to their reddish-hued brothers, and are full of Omega-3 healthy oils. White king salmon can range in hues from a buff vanilla to a slight pinkish tone. Cooked meat will range from beautiful pure white color to an almond shade.

From the pure waters of Alaska, an “Ivory King” dinner is a great way to impress your guests, with a mild-flavored, yet succulent Alaska salmon.

Ivory King Salmon are the fishermen’s choice. Ask a salmon fishermen what their favorite salmon is and our line-caught ivory king salmon are it. According to fishermen and the Southeast Alaskan locals, Ivory King Salmon have a silky, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth flavor—even more so than our red king salmon. Succulent, these ivory king salmon are a treat. They’re also known as white king salmon.

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Ivory Salmon

Ivory Salmon

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