Kippers in Charlotte, NC

Finnan Haddie in Charlotte, NC

Yes, you read that correctly. Your favorite fish snacks and meals are IN Charlotte, NC. Kippers and Finnan Haddie are at the Carolina Meat & Fish Cos.

We have so many fine folks from the United Kingdom that come to our fish market asking for kippers and finnan haddie, so here you go. The Carolina Meat & Fish Cos will be getting in our first shipment of kippers in late next week. Our premium kippers are made from premium herring sourced from historic fisheries off Newfoundland, that have specialized in fat kipper herring for over a Century. Shetland smoke masters used the same herring, exported from Halifax. Easy to cook, just float in boiled water for six minutes and serve just like you used to at home. Finnan haddie, also known as Finnan haddock and Finnan or Findrum speldings, is cold-smoked haddock, representative of a regional method of smoking with green wood and peat in north-east Scotland.

We hope that all you good folks from England, Scotland and Ireland all come and pick up a pack soon so you can taste a little of home right here in Charlotte, NC.

Our locations are in Ballantyne and Ballantyne. They are in stock these from now on.



Kippers are $16.99 a package and the Finnan Haddie are $18.99 a package. 

Where to find finnan haddie in Charlotte NC

Finnan Haddie Charlotte NC

Where to find kippers in Charlotte NC

kippers charlotte nc

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