Platinum VIP Savings List

If there's a list you want to be on, it's this one. You, and only people subscribed to this monthly subscription will be privy to amazing deals on foods, seafood, meats and wine. We're not talking about some 10% off, real savings. Many times we have vendors that come...

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What is the Nordic Diet?

The Nordic diet highlights the local, seasonal and nutritious foods from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. It’s quite similar to the Mediterranean diet in that it emphasizes whole grains such as barley, rye and oats, berries, vegetables, fatty fish and...

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Doordash... The world famous Carolina Meat & Fish Co is now starting a delivery service in Charlotte, NC, and we're starting with Doordash. Now, amazing Seafood and Steaks right to your door without ever getting up. Love our Lobster Rolls and want them delivered...

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Duck Eggs | Organic | Local

Duck Eggs | Organic | Local Looking for authentic Duck Eggs in Charlotte, NC or Ballantyne? We feature only Willow Creek Duck Eggs from Waxhaw, NC. Willow Creek offers fresh eggs from our free ranging ducks.  Their ducks are fed a locally grown, organic, non-GMO,...

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Wine, Steak & Cheese Specials

Who doesn't love a special? Especially on wine, cheese & steaks! Buy any 2 of our premium Meats by Linz steaks and get a free large wedge of Clemson Blue Cheese. Clemson’s renowned Blue Cheese is a tasty classic of the South. Produced right on Clemson’s campus,...

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Weaver Bros Eggs

Weaver Bros Eggs from Versailles, Ohio, sold in Charlotte, NC It's a great story of a small town egg farmer in Ohio. Weaver Bros brown eggs are an exclusive egg sold at the Carolina Meat & Fish Co in Charlotte, NC. Raised cage free, they have a great bright...

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How to Choose the Best Steak

How to Choose the Best Steak   How to Choose the Best Steak by the Carolina Meat & Fish Co, with a little help from our friends at the BBC. Our friends at Meats by Linz and Brasstown Beef. LIKE A FINE WINE Wet aging; Wet aging beef is primarily done by high...

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America’s Best Lobster Rolls

America's Best Lobster Rolls Never mind the tired regional debate—whether they’re best Maine style (chilled, with mayonnaise) or Connecticut (warm, with drawn butter). Lobster rolls are delicious, and in addition to honoring the classic styles, seafood-obsessed chefs...

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Social Media Disclaimer

  Social Media Disclaimer and Privacy Policy:  By visiting our website and or any of our social media - including but not limited to our blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages, you hereby agree to these terms.   Instagram Community Guidelines...

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Fresh Pasta in Charlotte, NC

FRESH PASTA FROM PASTA & PROVISIONS Rich and full-flavored, our tender pasta is made from the hearty winter wheat of the American Midwest. We mix durum and semolina flours with pure water and whole fresh eggs to create pasta that is prized by chefs at Charlotte's...

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Winner, Best of the Best | Fresh Seafood | Charlotte Magazine

Winner, Best of the Best | Fresh Seafood | Charlotte Magazine
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