Meet Our Staff | Lisa

Carolina Fish Market

Lisa and her two boys, (also seafood lovers).

We wanted to do an outreach for our customers to let you know a little about our employees. Our first employee is Lisa, she has been with us for over 5 years and besides DJ, works the most hours at the fish market. She’s also the fish market “mom” to all our other employees as they all look up to her. Lisa has a soft way about her, she’s funny, outgoing, generally interested in all our customers and knows her seafood well.

We asked her some questions and here are her answers to them.

  1. What drew you to come work at the Carolina Fish Market?
    • I was first a customer and enjoyed visiting the market for fresh fish and sushi grade seafood. I talked to DJ about the market and if he needed help from time to time. Knowing my love of seafood and passion for cooking it he hired me on the spot, that was almost 5 years ago.
  2. Why do you love seafood?
    • My family loves seafood. As a child I would spend summers on Sullivan’s Island at my grandparents. They’d take us crabbing with turkey necks on strings and catch a slew of them and steam them up for our dinners. It was magical. They taught me how to clean shrimp, have contests on who could clean them the fastest and make our our sauces.
  3. What are some fond memories at the fish market?
    • It’s when the kids come into the market. They are so fascinated by the fish, but they are really attracted to the live cold water lobster tank we have in the market. We have our Maine lobsters brought in live from South Hampton, Maine and I always go grab one out for them to look at it up close. The kids and parents all love it.
  4. 5 years is a long time, what are some things  you’ve seen there?
    •  I always pay attention to our customers when they’re in the market. One occasion and older gentleman and his daughter were shopping around, loving the sights and smells of the ocean. It was then I noticed something off about him and acting faint. I quickly grabbed a chair and ran to put it under him. Just as I did he collapses into the chair from low blood sugar. I quickly got him a soda to get his blodd sugar up and he began to slowly feel better. We helped him walk back to the car and his daughter called to thank me for thinking so quickly.

I love working at the Carolina Fish Market for many reasons. DJ is a wonderful person to work for, he treats all of us so well and he’s so passionate about the market. From good news and awards or bad news or reviews he always says, “we’re just a small fish market selling seafood and meat.” DJ does so much for the market and makes our jobs so much easier. Whether he’s fixing something, to running the company, to all our social media, web design, shipping, advertising. Ha, well, everything. 🙂

But for many of our customers, fish markets bring back those childhood memories at the beach with their families. They, like me, love the fresh seafood we literally have brought in daily, to our fresh steaks to exotic meats. So many smiles on people’s faces when they see what we have. Listening to their recipes and seeing their pictures is so much fun.

I thoroughly enjoy the Carolina Fish Market and hope everyone else does too!

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