Oysters in Charlotte NC? Fresh Oysters in Charlotte NC

Best Oysters in Charlotte, NC

Our oysters are some of the best from the East Coast and the Carolinas, and even Canada. If you don’t see what you want, we can typically get them in.

Our oysters are sold for $2 each, by the dozen or mix and match. You can also buy a “bushel” which is an actual BOX of 100 count single oysters, sometimes in a bag. These are all cleaned and typically not clusters. Bushel prices start at $74.99 and go up from there…

PLUS we sell Oyster Shuckers.. 

See today’s Fresh, wild caught seafood selections.. https://carolinafishmarket.com/current-catch/

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Today’s Fresh Oysters:

PLEASE CALL TO CHECK INVENTORY and PRICES ( as they may vary) AND TO ORDER, 704-458-1011


  • Beausoleil Oysters – Canada – Super briney/salty, great finish, smaller shell, large oyster and easy to open. $139 a 100 count bag
  • Malpeque Oyster – $149 for a 100 count box or $2 bucks each
  • French Kiss Oyster
  • Deep Cove – PEI
  • Alpine – PEI


  • James River (Cheaspeake Bay, VA) – Great for an oyster roast – $89.99 a 100 count box 
  • Gulf Oysters – Texas, Gulf of Mexico – Great for an oyster roast $84.99 for a 30 pound box (must preorder)
  • Connecticut – Blue Points –  Blue Point oysters have satiny, almost liquid meats with a high brininess and very mild flavor.Genuine Blue Point Oysters have a fresh, crisp, firm texture, with a sweet aftertaste that sparkles with salinity. $149 for a 100 count bag
  • Copp’s Island Oysters – Connecticut – $149 100 count bag
  • Wellfleet, MA – $139
  • Red Raider – MA $139
  • West Coast Oysters

North & South Carolina

  • Hi Tiders from the Outter Banks, NC Bushel is $129.99 a 100 count bag
  • Carolina Gold – $119
  • Stones Bay $129
  • Fat Bellies $129
  • Tarheel Tiderunners $129
  • Cape fear Selects $129
  • Carolina Dreams $ 129


Call us now to reserve yours today 704-458-1011 – We sell the largest selection of oysters in Charlotte, NC

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