Bodie Island Oysters


Sold in a 100 count Bag. Smaller oyster, briny, local and good.

Bodie Island Oysters at the Carolina Meat & Fish Co

Bodie Island Oysters at the Carolina Meat & Fish Co

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Sustainably raised on the Roanoke Sound in North Carolina, these oysters are grown in the pristine waters on the estuarine side of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Growing this close to the mighty Atlantic, our oysters boast a world-class salt-flavor profile. They are pruned through mechanical tumbling several times during their average two-year growth cycle in order to break off the new growth on the lips of the shell, forcing the oyster to slow down and form a deeper cup with a thicker shell. This technique also contributes to their lovely teardrop shape.  They are consistently hand-graded and sold in boxes of 100 — not shoveled into bags of an unspecified quantity.

Bodie Island Oysters serves to benefit to our environment, as our farming activity contributes to — rather than taking from — the natural resources provided by the ocean. Our oysters were born in a hatchery and placed in the wild, where they filter millions of gallons of seawater daily. The off-bottom cages where they live keep these oysters grit-free and actually become nursery havens to other species. Like miniature artificial reefs, they are home to barnacles, seaweed, juvenile fish, shrimp, crabs, and — yes — wild oysters, too.

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