Refund and Return Policy

As of April 2nd 2020, the Return Policy of the Carolina Meat & Fish Co has been updated to included COVID-19. 

ALL food items sold in person or online are now subject to a COVID-19 updated policy, in which ALL items are listed as non-returnable and are sold as is. Because our fresh foods are exactly that, fresh, we maintain that foods should be eaten the same day of purchase. If for some reason they may have spoiled between your purchase and home, please take pictures (iPhone or Android for EXIF Data) of uncooked foods and text them to the market phone at 704-458-1011 along with a copy of the receipt. If the uncooked product was photographed on the date of purchase according to the EXIF Data from your phone, along with the paid receipt and description of the food and why a return is requested, we will offer a refund on your credit card or a cash refund if one is warranted. But please do not return the food(s) to the market. Seafood and meats that spoil after 24 hours are listed as non returnable items as we cannot control the temperature once the items have left our market or been delivered in our cooler boxes.

All online orders require a shipping fee. Our standard fee is $34.99, which includes cooler box, ice bricks and standard one day shipping if you live within the UPS designated one day shipping of our market, or two day shipping if other than that. Generally we do not ship oysters due to their weight, the shipping fees are more than the cost of the oysters. If you order an item that does not add in shipping fees, it most likely is not a generally shipped item. We will contact you for additional shipping fees. If you cancel your order due to additional shipping fees, we will charge a 10% restocking fee as items will automatically be pulled from inventory. The boxes we use are insulated Polar boxes and we have done extensive testing with them for temperature control. One ice brick can easily last up to 2 days and keep seafood at the proper temp by arrival to your home. We highly suggest getting our packages off your porch ASAP after UPS delivers them. We are not responsible for packages that sit on hot porches, your delivery receipt from UPS will tell you when an item was delivered. 

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