• SC Roddy Rocks – Named after Roddy Beasley, these premium singles take about three years to grow in the wild before they are ready for picking. Maggioni’s Roddy Rocks are harvested from their private leases located on the Broad and Chechessee River estuary near Beaufort, SC. These wide turbulent rivers roll the oysters back and forth killing any larvae that would normally attach to the single oyster and form clusters. This rolling process is what gives the oyster it’s “hard as a rock” shell and it’s deep meaty belly.

    Roddy Rocks open easily and the mature meat has a nice sweet aftertaste to go with the initial briny flavor. Roddy Rocks are harvested at extreme low tides so availability can fluctuate. Roddy Rock are wild and considered a “blade” type oyster. Come taste the saltiness of the South. 

  • Roddy Rock Oysters
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