Steam King Food Steamer is available through at the award winning Carolina Meat & Fish Co

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Steam King Food Steamer is a newly developed invention especially designed for steaming foods quickly and economically in Charlotte, North Carolina. Want to have a Low Country Boil ? Maybe an Oyster roast party?

The Carolina Meat & Fish Co is now Charlotte’s only manufacturers distributor of Steam King Food Steamers. Want to buy one? We’ve got’em in stock. Maybe you just want to rent one for the weekend, come try ours..

Steam King Food Steamer empowers its user to take a different avenue of food preparation. Our affordable steamer is great for tailgating for a Football game, family & social events, fundraising, cookouts, Low Country Crab and Seafood Boils, or any time you have to cook for your family or for a crowd. Maybe you have a hunter, camper or live remotely, then you need the Steam King Food Steamer.

Steam King Food Steamer is not only hassle free but also aids in improving health by locking in vitamins and nutrients. Steam King Food Steamer  is created using restaurant-grade aluminum with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

Steam King Food Steamer

Cook Like a Pro Even Here with the Steam King Food Steamer

On sale now for only $499.99

Enhance your passion for creating flavorful mouth-watering meals with  the Steam King Food Steamer  Cook healthier and smarter, efficiently and hassle free. Order your Steam King Food Steamer today!

Steam King Food Steamer Charlotte NC available at the Carolina Meat & Fish Co

Steam King Food Steamer

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The Steam King Food Steamer is the perfect food steamer for any tailgate party or other outdoor event. Our steamer cooks any seafood, vegetable, or usual grill food. With more than 15 years of experience in steam cooking, our steamer is one-of-a-kind with a unique design. Our steamer is an affordable alternative to outdoor grills. We offer UPS ground shipping from Charlotte, North Carolina, to anywhere in the nation for roughly $49.99, (AK & HI extra).


Low country boil

Oyster roast

German breatwurst with vegetables

• Place new potatoes
• Rutabags
• Corn on the cob
• Onions
• Sliced cabbage
• Sliced squash and sausage (preferably fresh pork) in basket
• sprinkle with favorite seasoning (we use Old Bay)
• Bring unit to 190° F and cook for 45 minutes
• Add shrimp and crab legs
• cook an additional 15 minutes
• Serve with liquid butter and French bread
• Place 50-60 pounds (one brushel) of oysters intofood basket
• Bring it up to 190° F and cook for 15 minutes
• Checked if oysters popped opened
•. If desired, adjust regulator valve to reduce heat and keep oysters warm
• Place new potatoes
•Sliced cabbage and bratwurst or other sausage in basket
• Steam at 190° F for 45-60 minutes
• Serve with horseradish sauce, Mustard and pumpernickel bread
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