With so many different cuts of beef—from the 7-bone chuck roast to the tri-tip roast—figuring out the best way to cook a piece of beef can be confusing. This chart from the Cattlemen’s Beef Board and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and the Carolina Meat & Fish Co can help.

The graphic groups cuts of beef by the part of the cow the meat comes from and also recommends the best way(s) to cook them. Some are quite obvious, such as slow cooking stew meat, but it’s a handy reference for lesser-known cuts, such as the coulotte roast or sirloin bavette. You’ll also see at a glance which cuts of beef are lean and which should be marinated before cooking.

Beef Cut Charts | The Beef Checkoff

Beef Cut Chart and how to cook them

What the finished product should look like when it’s done. Check out the recipe for this pan-seared ribeye here

pan seared Bribeye



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