The USDA Beef Grading Scale from the Chop Shop Meat Market

In order to understand what makes our products special, you need to understand what goes into making a great steak. Meat quality is based on two components: selection and aging. We use only USDA inspected, graded, and labeled beef. The USDA has established a standardized grading system to help distinguish beef according to quality. Quality is based on multiple factors including age of the cattle and marbling. Marbling refers to the fat content within the steak, which correlates with the juiciness, flavor, and tenderness. The grades of beef recognized by the USDA consist of prime, choice, and select with prime being the highest grade. Choice is further stratified into thirds with upper 2/3 being the best third within that grade. Chop Shop Meat Market SELLS ONLY upper 2/3 choice and prime grades of beef. In addition, there are NO fillers, preservatives, or growth hormones used in our products. It is the aging of beef that is critical providing that ideal tenderness and flavor. With dry-aging and wet aging, the meat is stored in a climate-controlled environment to allow natural maturation of the beef. Tenderness improves during the aging process. Why Chop Shop Meat Market? “Because you deserve it, Taste the Difference.”

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To offer outstanding, premium choice and prime beef to quality conscious beef lovers across the nation at a fair price.

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If you’re not happy, we’re not happy – Guaranteed. Our guarantee is simple. If for any reason you are not pleased with your Chop Shop Meat Market Steaks order, we will replace the order or refund your money. No long explanation is needed – we proudly stand behind our steaks every day!


The Beef Grading Scale

The Beef Grading Scale

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