Wolf Fish Perfectly Prepared


I found Norwegian Wolf Fish this spring. It’s spotted like a cheetah, and makes lofty claims that it tastes like shell fish.  So of course I started googling recipes. Almost all of them stated that it was a terrible tasting fish. The key to it being terrible tasting was the way it was prepped.
Different kinds of fish deserve different methods of preparation. It appears that people cooking it,  decided to make it like a salmon.  Basically putting tomato, onion and lemon juice on it and baking or BBQing it. The key to making wolf fish taste good, is the skin. It’s a  scaleless fish. The skin is incredibly tough, and it has rather mobile layer of connective between the skin, and what actually tastes good. In my mind, I imagine the wolf fish being the Eeyore of the Norwegian Sea. It spends all day crunching up shellfish. As soon as you remove its skin, and connective tissue, It becomes a delicious fish again…. Apparently I am the buffalo bill of the Norwegian Sea. It rubs the butter on its skin!

2 fillets wolf fish
2 tbs Butter

I then washed it, gave it a gentle squeeze to get the rest of the juice out, and patted it dry. Melt your butter in a frying pan, and turn it on the high side of medium high. Place it on the fry pan skin side down, and let the skin get crispy, and melt that layer of tissue on the underside. Give it about 10 minutes. (I know that is a scary thought, but Its not a normal fish.) Drop your heat down a couple notches to medium high, and flip it .


While it’s cooking the flesh (about 5 minutes), lift off the skin and chuck it. Then take a knife and gently scrape off that extra layer of tissue underneath the skin. It’s like a gelatinous goo. Scrape until there is no more goo, and you are down to the flesh level, flip it one last time and sear in that deliciousness. You will know its finished when you can easily separate it with a fork. I served mine with a beurre blanc and asparagus. Perfect Wolf fish compliments.

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